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Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Investments and Energy Crowdfunding with Returns of 12.5-18%

• Our innovative program offers the opportunity to invest in solar power plants, with profits ranging from 12.5% to 18%, based on the successful implementation of previous projects.

• We provide insurance and guarantees in the form of bank bonds, securing your investments. This means your capital is backed not only by our reputation but also by the financial reliability of bank guarantees.

 • Our portfolio encompasses properties in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, and Poland, offering you opportunities for global investment diversity. This allows you to build a resilient portfolio considering market differences and country-specific nuances.

• To begin investing, you need to provide a passport, proof of address, and sign an investment agreement. We’ve simplified the process to ensure your investment activity starts quickly and efficiently.

 • Investments are returned according to the payout schedule, ensuring a stable income. Our approach to fund return is designed considering your needs and desired reliability.

• While there is no absolute guarantee, we provide bank bonds as additional security. This means our interests are fully aligned with yours, and we strive to ensure maximum protection of your capital.

 • By investing in Bulgarian properties, you can obtain residency within 2 to 6 months. This process is facilitated by our partnership relations and experience in visa support.

  • Our team is ready to offer you not just operational support but personalized recommendations to make your investment strategy as effective as possible.

 • Crowdfunding allows for portfolio diversification by investing in various projects and accessing investments with smaller amounts. This opens opportunities previously unavailable to you.

• We conduct a thorough selection, considering not just financial aspects but also social significance and environmental impact. This approach enables us to offer you only the best investment opportunities.

• We recommend consulting with a tax specialist, as tax liability depends on the country and type of investment. However, we will provide you with the necessary documentation and information to facilitate this process.

• Profit is distributed among investors proportionally to their investment shares. This creates a fair and transparent profit distribution, maximizing your opportunities.

• We offer reinvestment options for your profits, allowing you to dynamically manage your portfolio. You can choose between reinvesting in the current project, expanding your portfolio, or receiving an additional dividend payout.

• We actively integrate technologies with minimal environmental impact, supported by modern ecological standards. Your investments contribute to sustainable development and carbon footprint reduction.

• Forecasts are based on market analysis and macroeconomic indicators, and we provide clients with regular updates with current information on trends and forecasts. This helps you make informed decisions when managing your portfolio.

• We actively integrate technologies with minimal environmental impact, supported by modern ecological standards. Your investments contribute to sustainable development and carbon footprint reduction.

• On average, the process of obtaining residency in Bulgaria takes from 2 to 6 months. We provide comprehensive support in this process, reducing waiting times and safeguarding your interests.

  • We offer referral marketing programs and participation in additional projects that can provide extra income. This opens new horizons for your financial growth.
  • We develop risk management strategies, provide detailed analytical reports, and maintain insurance to ensure the stability of your investments. Also, we actively work with local legislation experts to prevent potential legal risks.

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