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How to obtain a residence permit or permanent residency in Bulgaria by investing in real estate?

To obtain permanent residency in Bulgaria as a foreign investor, you need to follow these steps:
Selecting an investment property:

The investor needs to choose a property for investment in Bulgaria.

Investment of funds:

The investor must invest a minimum of 500,000 Bulgarian Lev (approximately 255,000 euros) or 50,000 euros depending on the type of investment. The amount and type of investment may vary depending on the current legislation of Bulgaria.

Submitting documents for permanent residency:

After making the investment, the investor can apply for permanent residency permission. To do this, they will need to provide a set of documents, including:
- Property ownership certificate or other documents confirming the investments
- Passport
- Certificate of no criminal record
- Evidence of having sufficient funds to reside in Bulgaria without claiming state assistance.

Review of the application:

After submitting all the necessary documents, the process of reviewing the application begins. During this time, there may be a verification of the provided investment status data.

Obtaining permanent residency:

If all conditions are met and the application is approved, the investor receives permission for permanent residency in Bulgaria. This grants the right to reside in the country indefinitely and access to certain social benefits.

Maintaining status:

To maintain permanent residency status, it is necessary to continue owning the invested real estate or to maintain investments at the required level.

To obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria as a foreign investor, you need to follow these steps:

Clients invest 10,000 euros in real estate properties. This is the initial step required to start the process of obtaining a residence permit.


Within a year after the investment, clients enter into an employment contract with our company.

Incorporation into the company's staff:

After employment, the client is included in the company's staff. This is a key aspect for further obtaining a residence permit.

Submitting documents for residency:

Based on the employment contract and the status as an employee of the company, the client can apply for a residence permit. To do this, it is necessary to gather a set of documents, including:
- Evidence of investments
- Employment contract with the company
- Passport
- Certificate of no criminal record

Application review:

After submitting the documents, the process of reviewing the residency application begins. The Bulgarian authorities examine all provided documents and circumstances of the case.

Obtaining residency permit:

If the application is approved, the client receives a residence permit, allowing them to legally reside and work in the country.

Maintaining status:

To maintain the residency permit status, the client must continue working at the company and comply with all requirements of the labor legislation.

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“Open the door to new opportunities in the real estate world with Alef Estate! We invite you to an exciting journey of investing in beautiful Bulgarian real estate. Are you looking for a quality investment? We offer you unique opportunities to purchase housing in the most picturesque corners of Bulgaria. Reliability, transparency and high profitability are the characteristics that distinguish us in the market. Join Alef Estate and fulfill your dreams of real estate in Bulgaria right now!”


About us

“Meet Alef Estate, your reliable partner in the world of Bulgarian real estate investments! We are a team of professionals committed to creating optimal real estate opportunities for you. With Alef Estate you get access to a wide portfolio of real estate in Bulgaria, including residential and commercial properties. Our mission is to provide customers with transparent and profitable investment solutions. 

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Alef Estate is committed to the principles of transparency, reliability and professionalism in all aspects of working with clients. Join us today and discover new opportunities in the world of real estate!

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About the region

Bulgaria is an exciting world of real estate offering unique opportunities for investors.
The advantages of this region include:

All these factors make Bulgaria an attractive and unique place to invest in real estate, promising high growth potential and profitability for investors.


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